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An efficient septic tank cleaner keeps your toilet clean

Discover Pristino Pure’s ultimate septic tank cleaner for keeping your toilet clean. With our eco-friendly multi-purpose toilet and septic tank cleaner, you can remove septic tank blockages and keep your toilet clean while avoiding dangerous chemical toilet cleaners like Harpic, Domex and other chemical toilet cleaners from safeguarding your children future.

Why Pristino Pure is the best option for taking care of septic tanks

At Pristino Pure, we’re proud to offer you the best and most effective way to take care of your septic tank. Our Septic Tank Cleaner is full of bio enzymes and anaerobic bacteria. Its purpose is to keep your septic system in optimal condition and keep it clean. With billions of strong microbes working hard, Pristino Pure’s Septic Tank Cleaner breaks down solid waste, reduces sludge buildup, and supports a healthy septic tank ecosystem. You can trust Pristino Pure to make your living space greener, cleaner, and healthy.

Environmentally-friendly formula with bio-degradable ingredients.

Low impact on the environment, eco-friendly solution.

Minimizes sludge buildup, promoting efficient performance.

Works effectively in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

Lasts up to a decade, providing long-term septic tank use.

Solves toilet problems by thoroughly cleaning the septic tank.

Contains good bacteria that combat harmful bacteria.

Free from impurities, ensuring purity inside and out.

Maintaining a clean and odor-free toilet is critical for any family, and your septic tank holds the secret to doing so. Let’s look at the relationship between a clean toilet and a healthy septic tank, and how Pristino Pure Septic Tank Cleaner can help doing both.
Efficient Wastewater Treatment: Pristino Pure Septic Tank Cleaner aids in the maintenance of your septic system while also keeping your toilet cleaner. Your septic tank is critical in the treatment of wastewater from your toilets. Pristino Pure breaks down solid waste and kills out dangerous germs in the sewage system, ensuring a clean and sanitary environment. Traditional Toilet Cleaners’ Harmful Effects: Many conventional toilet cleaners include harsh chemicals that may harm your septic tank’s dependent environment. These harsh chemicals alter the natural balance of beneficial microorganisms in the septic tank, impairing its ability to adequately break down waste. This can cause clogs, backups, and costly repairs over time, therefore it’s important to avoid acidic toilet cleaners and chemical toilet cleaners like Harpic and Domex. Septic Tank-Friendly Solution: Pristino Pure Septic Tank cleanser is an effective septic tank cleaner! Pristino pure is exclusively formulated for septic tanks, with biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals. It cleans your septic tank and toilet without hurting the important microorganisms in your septic tank, providing smooth wastewater treatment and a longer-lasting septic system. You can be confident that your toilet will remain clean and clog-free using our septic tank cleaner.

Selecting the Best Toilet Cleaner

Say goodbye to chemical toilet liquid cleaner like Harpic and Domex in favour of Pristino Pure’s eco-friendly septic tank cleaner. Pristino pure cleans and deodorises your toilet, also encourages a healthy septic tank microorganisms, thus decreasing the need for costly repairs and upkeep. Don’t let blockages spoil your day; rely on Pristino Pure septic tank cleaner to keep your toilet clean and hygienic.


With Pristino Pure’s septic tank Cleaner, you can stop worrying about cleaning your septic tank and start using a natural, effective, and environmentally friendly way to keep your toilets and septic tank in good condition. You can trust Pristino Pure to make your home healthy and cleaner.


how to use septic tank cleaning powder

Dropping a 500g packet of Pristino Pure into the toilet bowl will let the bio enzymes do their job.


how to use septic tank cleaning powder

To get the bacteria to work well in your septic tank, flush them or pour water on them.


how to use septic tank cleaning powder

Have a better toilet and a well-maintained septic system for the rest of your life.

Are you still cleaning the toilet?

The cleanliness of the toilet lies in the cleanliness of the septic tank. Here comes Pristino Pure for septic tank cleaning! Hereafter, no foul smell and no disease-causing germs.

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Worried about bad smell around your home and Septic tank Blockages? We have the right product for you to get ridf from septic tank cleaning.
PRISTINO PURE  is a bio enzyme anaerobic bacteria available in compact package of 500g powder for septic tank cleaning. This septic tank formula releases many environmental friendly microbes (bacteria) which keeps your drainage clean, degrades solid waste and maintains drain system.

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