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Pristino Pure – The Bio Cleaner, Septic tank treatment enzymes, Save money and Relieve from septic tank cleaning

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  • Formulated for septic tank systems – Bio Digester in action.
  • Effective as a toilet cleaner.
  • Convenient packaging eliminates the need for heavy lifting, pouring, and mess.
  • Composed of biodegradable ingredients, free from phosphates.
  • Formulated without bulky fillers or added water, utilizing pure and natural components.
  • Environmentally conscious – ECO-FRIENDLY product.
  • Reduces packaging waste and minimizes transportation-related CO2 emissions.
  • Incorporates bio-degradable ingredients, contributing to an eco-friendly formula.
  • Minimal environmental impact, ensuring a sustainable solution.
  • Promotes efficient performance, minimizing sludge buildup.
  • Effective in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions within septic systems.
  • Addresses toilet-related issues by thoroughly cleansing the septic tank.
  • Harnesses beneficial bacteria to counteract harmful bacterial growth.
  • Crafted to be impurity-free, ensuring purity throughout.

    An efficient septic tank cleaner keeps your toilet clean

    Discover Pristino Pure’s ultimate septic tank cleaner for keeping your toilet clean. With our eco-friendly multi-purpose toilet and septic tank cleaner, you can remove septic tank blockages and keep your toilet clean while avoiding dangerous chemical toilet cleaners like Harpic, Domex and other chemical toilet cleaners from safeguarding your children future.

    Nothing inside
    Cleanliness Outside

    Worried about bad smell around your home and Septic tank Blockages? We have the right product for you to get ridf from septic tank cleaning.
    PRISTINO PURE  is a bio enzyme anaerobic bacteria available in compact package of 500g powder for septic tank cleaning. This septic tank formula releases many environmental friendly microbes (bacteria) which keeps your drainage clean, degrades solid waste and maintains drain system.

    Are you still cleaning the toilet?

    The cleanliness of the toilet lies in the cleanliness of the septic tank. Here comes Pristino Pure for septic tank cleaning! Hereafter, no foul smell and no disease-causing germs.

    How to use PRISTINO PURE

    With Pristino Pure’s septic tank Cleaner, you can stop worrying about cleaning your septic tank and start using a natural, effective, and environmentally friendly way to keep your toilets and septic tank in good condition. You can trust Pristino Pure to make your home healthy and cleaner.


    how to use septic tank cleaning powder

    Dropping a 500g packet of Pristino Pure into the toilet bowl will let the bio enzymes do their job.


    how to use septic tank cleaning powder

    To get the bacteria to work well in your septic tank, flush them or pour water on them.


    how to use septic tank cleaning powder

    Have a better toilet and a well-maintained septic system for the rest of your life.